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On-Demand Banking
24/7 Worldwide Access

Never again stand in line at your branch office or search for an ATM. Take your bank wherever you go, get cash withdrawal deliveries & make deposits from anywhere, free cross-border payments & currency conversion, mobile check deposit, optimize your 401k & investments, get a loan or line of credit, file your taxes, and much more at the tap of a button.
No bank account or debit card on hand? No problem. Tellr can give you a new card and plug you into worldwide banking and payments instantly. You can also connect an existing bank or card to supercharge your money.

✓ Make secure, on-demand cash withdrawals, deposits, and send money from your home or anywhere you go using a fleet of 180,000+ trusted & bonded courier bank tellers a.k.a. 'doorstep banking'

✓ New customers can get a free ATM debit card delivered to their home or email instantly (virtual/plastic)

✓ Send & receive money worldwide instantly for free, simple & free currency conversion, access vital banking services from anywhere.

✓ Safely shop and send money with privacy & anonymity. No personal information, ID, cost, permissions, credit check, app installation, or sign up is required to use most Tellr services.

What Can Tellr Do For You?

Give your money a voice. From underbanked populations around the world and families burdened by cross-border remittance costs to companies paying overseas vendors, Tellr directly connects anyone with internet access to global banking, payments, trading, clearing, & settlement networks. Get started by tapping the chat bubble - the AI assistant is your full-service virtual bank teller, CPA, and fiancial advisor.

Home delivery cash withdraw & deposit

Withdraw or deposit cash from home or anywhere using a worldwide network of trusted, bonded, on-demand mobile couriers, merchants, & banks located in cities around the world, covering over 150 countries. Link an existing card/bank account, or create a new instant card/account and add money from anywhere.

All couriers & merchants are fully bonded & insured for up to $5 million in the event of loss or damage.

Send & receive money anywhere

Send cash or electronic/bank payments to anyone in the world for free. No bank account or debit card is required for senders or recipients - all you need is a phone or internet connection.

Checks & money orders

Deposit checks with your mobile phone, send physical or e-checks with your phone, purchase travelers checks and money orders On-demand.

On-demand debit/ATM cards

Get a new plastic or virtual ATM debit card with one tap - no ID or bank account is required to get new cards on-demand. ID verified customers receive higher card limits. Card funds are fully FDIC insured up to $250,000 like any bank account

Personal, Home, & Business Loans

Get competitive rates for home, auto, education, and business loans - even with imperfect credit

Optimize your investments and 401k

Get powerful tools and support to maximize return on your portfolio or 401k. Tellr hosts a simple, yet powerful algo-trading system called Quantbox. It allows investors, with no experience, to build and launch a real 'blackbox' quant trading system and securely place orders using their own broker (works with most major US retail brokers).

Tax filing

Maximize your tax return and receive instant deposit to your account

Refill/top-up mobile phone minutes

Instantly recharge any mobile phone number in 150 countries

Business starter kit

Have a skill or product you want to sell to customers around the world? The chat assistant will handle everything you need for business banking, state/local registration, and taking payments online or in-person to help your company get up and running STAT.

It only takes a couple of minutes and costs a fraction of what comparable services charge.

Currency Exchange & Worldwide Flexpayments

You can send and receive money from 250+ countries, with virtually no limits. Switch between currencies with a tap using the real exchange rate and save up to 8X compared to the banks.

Receive payments to and from credit/debit cards, bank accounts, Venmo, PayPal, Alipay, WePay, and hundreds of others in addition to secure on-demand cash-in/multi-currency out worldwide delivery service.

Merchant Services

Start taking payments for e-commerce and Point-of-Sale businesses.

One-click integrations allow you to start accepting credit/debit cards, and all the major providers like PayPal, AliPay, WePay, and even Bitcoin.

Don't miss out on popular chat and social payment methods. Tellr offers simple, no-hassle setup to let merchants receive payments directly over popular chat services like Facebook Messenger, WeChat, and WhatsApp or even bill directly to a customer's mobile number provider.


Use Tellr services anywhere Bitcoin is accepted. Send & receive digital currency with instant conversion to your local currency for cash withdraw or spending with your debit card.

A Smart Bank for an On-Demand World

Tellr is the smart, civilized way to do banking & payments. It's never been easier to send, receive, and access your money using the chat assistant's simple, natural language interface. What is a smartbank?

Instant Virtual & Plastic ATM Debit Cards

What is a Virtual debit card?
Tellr Virtual debit cards can be used to pay online, anywhere VISA and MaserCards are accepted. Virtual cards are issued instantly, so no need to wait for a plastic one to arrive. Virtual cards are free and delivered via email in minutes!

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